Head Office

The ONE has a board of Directors elected by members, who in turn is led by a Chairman. As with all boards the legal person responsible to ensure all governance and procedure is adhered to is our Company Legal Secretary. The Chief Executive Officer is directly answerable to the Chairman and thus the Board regarding matters pertaining to the operational side of the organisation. The Head Office of the ONE is currently located in the flagship homeless initiative Brú na Bhfiann.


We currently use three rooms to house the C.E.O. Ollie O’ Connor his assistant Paul Cooley and another room for the Lotto committee.  The house also stores all stock and equipment used by the head office in storage rooms.  All board meetings are also currently held in the house.



Although the Head Office is currently based in Bru Na Bhfiann it is important to be aware it’s staff and business i.e. the C.E.O. and his Assistant are a separate entity to the Management Staff and Residents of the Homeless Initiative.

One Head Office

ONE National Headquarters
Smithfield Market
North King Street,Dublin 7
CEO – Ollie O’Connor

One Head Office

Arran Quay, Smithfield, Co. Dublin, Ireland