Corporate Social Responsibility


The primary objective of the Organisation is “The welfare of ex-service men and women, by way of providing accommodation to homeless, elderly or disabled members in need of such domestic accommodation and shelter, and any other assistance required.” Comradeship, social and cultural activities, and remembrance are ancillary objectives. Our services are primarily available to all veterans of the Defence Forces, however we do facilitate veterans from different countries from time to time as required.

ONE provides accommodation (board and lodging) for approximately 44 veterans, who otherwise would be homeless, in its three residential homes in Dublin, Letterkenny and Athlone.  It is also developing a nationwide network of Veteran’s Support Centres based on the pilot scheme that commenced in 2012 when it opened such facilities in Lord Edward Street Limerick, and in Aiken Barracks Dundalk.


The provision of accommodation and sustenance are achieved through our homes in Dublin, Letterkenny and Athlone.  The Dublin home (Brú na bhFiann) is located in Smithfield and has facilities to house 30 veterans in a homely setting.  The homes in Letterkenny (Beechwood House) and Athlone (Custume House) can each facilitate 7 veterans at any given time.  ONE is represented on the Dublin Homeless Network. Our residents are both short stay and long term and contribute on a means basis towards their keep which includes all of the facilities that one would expect in a normal home.  Most of our residents have had extensive service in the Defence Forces; serving with distinction both at home and in various overseas missions with the United Nations.  However, for one reason or another they now find themselves homeless and in need.


ONE is developing a nationwide network of Veteran’s Support Centres based on the pilot scheme that commenced in 2012 when we opened such facilities in Lord Edward Street Limerick, and in Aiken Barracks Dundalk. These centres provide veterans with information, advice, someone to listen and somewhere to meet with former comrades. It is hoped that by providing early intervention, we can alleviate social stresses and significantly reduce homelessness among veterans. By the end of 2018, ONE will establish further Veteran Support Centres in the following locations:  Collins Barracks, and Cobh (Cork); Curragh (Kildare); Cathal Brugha Barracks, McKee Barracks, and Casement Aerodrome (Dublin); Custume Barracks (Athlone); Finner Camp (Ballyshannon); Dún Uí Mhaoliosa (Galway); Stephens Bks (Kilkenny); and Wexford.


The current level of service provision costs in the region of  €838,000 annually. While Brú na bhFiann receives support from Dublin City Council (€182,7 50), the homes in Donegal and Westmeath are not in receipt of  any funding from the local authorities in their respective areas. The Department of Defence contribute €44,000 annually towards the running of the organisation.


The balance of our income, approximately €600,000, is raised through various forms of fundraising.  This includes: Members Subscriptions; Donations; Receipts for Meals and Accommodation; and National Collections.  The principal source of collection is our Fuchsia Appeal which involves the selling of Fuchsia Emblems at €2 per emblem and runs throughout the year.  The appeal is particularly focused on the month of July which is the month in which the National Day of Commemoration takes place.


Most of our funds raised are expended on our homeless initiative to keep our three homes open and maintained at a high standard.  We have found that the standards attained in our homes go a long way in assisting our residents to recover their dignity and self-respect.  This enables them to move forward and re-join society with confidence, and to live independently in the community.


The provision of further services is limited by our current level of funding. Veterans continue to require the assistance of ONE, both in our homes and in our Veterans’ Support Centres. Your support would greatly assist in meeting that demand. Such support could come in various forms including:

  • Sponsoring a room or facility in one of our houses at €2,000 per annum.
  • Sponsoring or loaning a small type van to tow our exhibition trailer – your company logo will be on both trailer and vehicle.
  • Sponsoring a Veterans’ Support Centre, including one in your area, at €1,000 per annum.
  • Corporate membership of ONE at €500 per annum.
  • Donations of any amount.
  • Facilitating the Fuchsia Appeal in your place of work.