Dress Code

Ceremonial Guidelines

  • The Officer in charge of Protocol and Ceremonial shall be available to advise on matters of all ceremonial and functions that take place.
  • Personnel participating in ceremonials shall receive adequate briefing in all cases. Rehearsals for all ceremonies must be carried out.
  • Branch Cathaoirleach (Chairman) shall have responsibility for Ceremonial within his Branch.
  • The company’s established uniform standard of dress is devised as follows; Black Blazer with O.N.E. crest on left breast pocket, Trousers Charcoal Grey, black belt, Shirt White (branch crest may be worn above left breast pocket) , Shoes Black, Socks Grey, Beret Black (with official ONE cap badge), Tie as per present issue, i.e. with company crest. In inclement weather ONE Overcoat (as supplied by National Office) may be worn.

Designated Ushers, Colour Parties and Parade Marshall will wear white gloves on ceremonial occasions.

  • Head Dress: – The Black Beret is the only authorised headdress to be worn by members on parade or at ceremonies; however branches may apply to the Board for a variation of this rule. Where such variation is granted it will only apply to members of the applicant branch.
  • The designated Ceremonial Officer may exercise his/her discretion as to the wearing of headdress as the occasion demands in their own branch area, whilst for larger parades, or events of national importance, the designated Ceremonial Officer, in conjunction with organisers, will make a decision appropriate to the occasion.  It is forbidden to wear any military style dress, such as tunics, military badges or unit markings.
  • Medals and ribbons may be worn on the proviso that such medals have been awarded by or on behalf of the Irish Government or by the UN, or by O.N.E. Where medals are awarded by or on behalf of the Government of another state such medals may be worn subject to approval of the Board. Members in possession of medals, shall when worn, be arranged in a neat manner and in order of seniority. All medals shall be mountedMilitary Medals shall be worn separately and above ONE issued medals. Only the following ONE medals may be worn and in the following order on ONE uniform: ONE Service Medal, ONE Jubilee Medal, Irish Volunteer 100th Anniversary Commemoration Medal. When medals are worn for a special occasion, ribbons must not be worn on the blazer or jacket. Where ribbons are worn on blazer or jacket they shall be arranged in a neat manner and in order of merit. Miniature medals may be worn at social functions only and not on parades.
  • Branches who have been approved by the Board of Directors to wear a branch commemorative medal, may wear such medal on ceremonial events hosted by the respective branch only.
  • Branch Associate Members may wear the Emblem, i.e. blazer with O.N.E. Crest.
  • A Ceremonial Order will be issued to all leading participants in the upcoming event. This will detail all aspects of the ceremony, i.e. who, when, where, etc.  It will also detail the words of command, dress and if medals will be worn.  A copy of the ceremonial order will also be forwarded to ONE HQ for circulation to the Chairman and the Ceremonial Committee.

Particular attention will be paid to the rendering of honours to the colours as they are marched on and off parade.  The colours will be cased and uncased off parade in a respectful and dignified manner.

  • The award of O.N.E. service medals as introduced formally by O.N.E. in 1982, and to be known as the “O.N.E.” Service Medal is awarded under the following conditions and continues to be so awarded by the Company.
  • Award criteria: A person must be a full member of O.N.E. and must be a fully paid up member and active in the Company.
  • They must have participated actively for 3 consecutive years to become entitled to an award of an O.N.E. Service Medal without bar, and have satisfactory service.
  • An O.N.E. service Medal with bar shall be awarded to a member who has achieved 7 consecutive years’ service, and has satisfactory service record.
  • An O.N.E. Service Medal with two bars shall be awarded to a member who reached twelve (12) consecutive years’ service.
  • A Bar with the figure 25 engraved on it will be presented to members with 25 years’ service in O.N.E./O.N.E. Medal bar to be added to current medal/ribbon. Where membership exceeds 25 years a bar indicating such may be worn where such is sanctioned by the Board.
  • Where a member becomes incapacitated through illness, thereby, preventing him/her taking an active part in the activities in a Branch as required for the award of an O.N.E. Service medal in accordance with the above rules, the Branch shall use its discretion in such a case. Such persons must have been active prior to their incapacitation.
  • Service with another Branch shall be taken into account, provided in the case of transfer that the transfer was by mutual consent. It must be stated in writing by the members previous Branch the length of service within that Branch.
  • No award shall be made to the next-of–kin of a deceased member.
  • Application form for the award of O.N.E. Service medal, Medal with bar(s) shall be submitted to the Board on pro-forma, which is obtainable from the National Office.
  • All applications must be carefully checked by the Branch concerned and certified by the Branch Cathaoirleach (Chairman) and Branch Secretary before being submitted to the Board for approval.
  • All applications submitted to the Board shall be examined and if approved the CEO shall make the necessary arrangements with the Trader for production of O.N.E. medal(s) with the name engraved on the medal(s).
  • The cost of the medal shall be borne by the Branch concerned.
  • Where the Board disallows application(s) for medal(s) Branches shall be notified with the reason for its decision.
  • Presentation of medals shall be made to recipient(s) with the approval of the Board
  • No pins or badges, other than the following, may be worn on ONE Blazer; 1916 90th Anniversary Badge (awarded Easter Sunday 2006), worn on Right Lapel of blazer; 1916 100th Anniversary Badge (awarded Easter Sunday 2016), worn on Right Lapel of Blazer (below 90th); Name Plate on Right Lapel of Blazer (level with top of breast pocket); Fuchsia Badge/Pin to be worn on Left Lapel of Blazer.

Proposed Ceremonial Guidelines and Protocols