History of ONE

In 1950/51 associations came together to form the Irish Ex-Servicemen’s Organisation. The new organisation adopted for its emblem, a badge incorporating the crest of the Defence Forces surrounding a centre piece of Black and Tan with a white letter 1 in the centre. The number 1 symbolised unity of previous veteran’s bodies into one group.

BLACK AND TAN WAS SELECTED AS THE COLOUR SCHEME IN HONOUR OF THOSE WHO FOUGHT AGAINIST THAT GROUP IN 1919/1921. Shortly afterwards the name was changed to Óglaigh Náisiúnta Na hÉireann loosely translated Organisation of National Ex Servicemen, hence the ONE. Those letters were then superimposed on the white number 1 in the centre of the emblem.

After a tenuous start the Organisation now in its sixty seventh year is continually progressing. There are currently forty-two Branches made up of members both here in Ireland and abroad. Although we maintain a good working relationship with the Department of Defence and our colleagues in all areas of the Defence Forces, ONE is an independent organisation.

Our primary objective and focus is our homeless initiatives and the welfare of ex-service personnel. ONE is a registered charity since 2000. ONE has also broadened its lobbying abilities to represent ex-service personnel in a wide tract of ancillary areas.