Our Patron

President Michael D. Higgins

As the PATRON of ONE


We were thrilled when in November 2016 President Michael D. Higgins made time for a visit to our homeless initiative Brú Na BhFiann where he met staff and residents

The following were some of the remarks he made while here

“The contribution that our Service Personnel make to our country, and indeed across the globe, is terribly important.  Our peace keepers and Naval service, through their brave and gallant actions, greatly enhance the reputation of Ireland abroad and our servicemen and women at home offer assistance to our citizens in times of crisis.  May I take this opportunity, as Úachtaran na hÉireann and indeed as Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces, to thank all those who currently serve and those who have served in the past for their selflessness, for the sacrifices they have made and for carrying out their duty with honour and with dignity.”

“The range and breadth of support and services offered here at Brú na Bhfiann is most impressive. ONE’S mission to provide accommodation and shelter to those who find themselves in distress is both vital and noble.  It is clear to all of us that economic constraints of recent years have resulted in a significant increase in demand for homeless services.  As part of our collective efforts to address the pressing needs of our fellow citizens, ONE is to be commended for its work daily.”

The spirit of kindness and compassion for former colleagues which is at the core of ONE’S ethos is an example of the very best of active citizenship. Some weeks later when visiting the Military College, the President made the following remarks

“I visited Brú na Bhfiann the residence for homeless former members of the Defence Forces and I was moved by the spirit and kindness, compassion and solidarity among members of the Defence Forces in looking after their comrades and in extending that work into the local community”